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About Me

I enjoy landscapes, wild life and macros.  I love wild landscapes and out of the way places for the contrast they provide with everyday life.  I also enjoy taking a familiar scene and drilling into it to make it alien; again for the contrast.

I became interested in photography because I wanted to be able to share the travel I had done with friends and family.  However I have since found it fascinating to see how my memory works and how the story I see changes over time.  It’s fun to go back in another season, or in different weather and to see again.

Photography is something that has taught me to look at the world in a different way; going back to old photographs provides a vivid recollection of the time and place that image was made. It is also entertaining to see how my approach and techniques have changed over time.

I’ve been fortunate enough to do some interesting travel to some remarkable places.  It’s not always to capture images.  Sometimes you need to just look and be there.  Sometimes a photo cannot do justice.

Initially I would blaze away and photograph everything , but my approach changed over time.  I now look at a place first and try to understand what I am seeing.  I then try and plan an image that tells a story or gives the essence of the place.  I still take “record shots”, but that is after “looking” and trying to understand.

Making images forces you to think about things you may never have considered before; the quality and direction of the light, the composition, patterns, textures and lines.  Any form of art will change the way you look at the world.

I think that it is really positive how many people are now out there taking photographs.  The technology for making and editing images is much more accessible; and there are many stunning images being published.  I am excited about the future of photography; there is such a range of options available that there is always something new to play and see with, and be inspired by.